RPA Can do

Log in to any application
Connect to system APIs
Move files and folders
Extract content from documents, PDFs, emails and forms
Read and write to databases
Open emails and attachments
Scrape data from the web
Make calculations

RPA Can’t do

1. Activity not on Computer

- Documents Sign-Off / Company Seal
- Answering a phone call
- Printing / Nothing Activity
- Speech Recognition

2. Unstructured Activity

- Job that doesn't have strict or clear instruction
- Job that depend only on human experience to make a progress or decision

The results derived from RPA

RPA Adoption Across Process and Industries

RPA is high priority for most global in-house centers. It has a various use case and can read more detail

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Nowaday, RPA Implementation easy to use and development with UiPath Platform that NCT is a partner who is certified by UiPath.

RPA Training Service

We have various course as product base and role base provided both online and on-site of customer. It can train in Thai, English and Japanese.

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