Software maintenance is a maintenance service and maintains the software system to be always ready for use. It is like a guarantee that the purchased software can be used. If it has been used for a while, there are problems such as processing errors (Software Bug) or encountering computer viruses (Virus Computer). To be specific, we definitely have a MA service with a team of expert developers to help and advice so that the software that customers have already purchased can continue to work and correct requirements making both customers and users satisfied.

In addition, the maintenance service will help solve problems with the software and can also give advice on the use of various equipment in the system, installation instructions Answer questions that arise during use that require clarification. This service can be provided via Remote Service.

Medium to small businesses who need software to use but without having its own development team, the Maintenance Support service is considered to be a very desirable thing to have. Not only to complete software development but also care and support after the delivery of the software.

Choosing a company that provides Maintenance Support services is very important.

It should choose from companies that provide software development services. Along with providing Maintenance Support as well, because companies that develop software will have the expertise and know the initial customer information so that software development teams will understand the organizational system and can provide immediate help if problems arise. In addition, various information in the organization will be in one company and do not disclose to other companies.